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Do you want to download pictures of Bajrangbali?

If it is so, you have come to the right place. We are a compilation of all pictures that are related to Bajrangbali. You will be amused after having a look at our Bajrangbali images collection. Lord Bajrangbali is also known as Lord Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman is widely worshipped in our country.

Bajrangbali means the one who has the strength of a diamond (which cannot be broken). We all know that Bajrangbali is known for his strength as he lifted the whole Dronagiri mountain and brought it to Lanka in Ramayana.

Apart from this, he is also called Atulith+bald+Hama, which means the unlimited strength reservoir. Therefore, this name suits him the best.


Lord Hanuman is also known by some other names like-

Maruti, Anjani Putra, Pavansuta, Mahavir, Vikram, Bajrangi, Bajrangbali, Anjaneya, Danta, Dheera, Kesarinandan, Indrajit, Hanumanta, Kabalikruta, Jaikapeesh, Kalanemi, Kalanabha, Mahadhyuta, Lokapujya, Mahabala, Parijata, Ramadhuta, Sarvagraha, Panchavaktra, Shoora, Sitashoka, Mahatmane, Ratnakundala, Prasannatman, Sankatamochanan, Ramabhakta, Pingalaksha, Sarvavidhyasampath, Suchaya, Vanara, Vajrakaya, Vijitendriya, Tatvagyanaprada, Vagmine, Vajranakha, Sagarotharaka, Sanjeevananagahatre, Sphatikabha, Surarchita, etc.


You can download all the images of Lord Bajrangbali in high-resolution for your desktop or your mobile phone’s wallpaper. We will be happy to provide you with all the required images of Bajrangbali.

You need to visit our website, scroll down the images of Bajrangbali and choose any images that you wish to download. After that, just save the picture, and it will be added to your pictures on your laptop or, in the case of a mobile phone, it will be saved in a photo gallery.

Now, you can upload the image wherever you want to.


There are several festivals and occasions on which you can post these pictures to your social media accounts. The best occasion to share Bajrangbali images is his birthday itself, that is, Hanuman Jayanti. You may download the images of Lord Hanuman and share these pictures with some quotes, wishing “Happy Hanuman Jayanti,” or you can update your WhatsApp profile picture with one of your favorite images of Bajrangbali.

You can also download and print these pictures and paste pamphlets of Lord Hanuman on the walls.


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Being a Bajrangbali devotee, we have all sorts of exciting pictures of Lord Bajrangbali, and we promise that our Bajrangbali images collection will make your day.

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