Shirts are a staple in every wardrobe as it is equally important for important meetings as formal wear or at parties, wedding, or any kind of gathering. THE CLASSIC OXFORD CLOTH BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT

This sort of shirt is made of very gentle and pleasant cloth called Oxford pastel cloth. It bridges the space among clever and informal appears and additionally holds your cloth dresser together. Although Oxford shirts aren’t similar to get-dressed shirts, they’re nonetheless pretty skinny. These are the style objects in each athletic man’s cloth dresser. These shirts are assured to live on fashion irrespective of how the traits extrude at the same time as retaining their very own with white t-shirts, flawlessly outfitted fits, and that ideal denim to your body. Mix white shirts with darkish blue fits and burgundy accessories. You can upload a tie to the blouse to make it even greater formal. Vests and jackets constantly supply the blouse formality.



Flannel shirts are the ideal choice for both formal and casual looks. It is made from soft woven fabric. A flannel shirt is a versatile genius in the ground of fashion as it can be worn as a jacket over any t-shirt, which gives it perfect layering. On a cold breezy day, it is a cozy and comfortable fabric to withstand the cold wind, without ruining the outfit. Monochrome flannel shirts with darker shades of formal pants or suits seem to be classy or you can pair it up with blazers, jeans, or loafers to get the go-to fashion look.


The chambray shirts are trendy ones for the summer season. It is very close to denim shirts but is lighter as it is usually made up of blends of cotton and linen. Ideal for summer because the kind of fabric used allows the air to pass through it and gives a cool and refreshing feeling. It is advised that whenever you wear the cloth you should press it well. Chambray will go well with chinos for a casual look indeed.



Denim shirts are classic pieces that every guy owns. It is a durable and versatile item as it can be layered with any other shirt or can be worn just with pair of jeans or with casual shorts on vacation or beaches. Denim shirts can be made more fashionable with the key to detailing like acid wash, faded and bleached patches with subtle embellishments, and raw ages. It is a good option if you are going to date

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