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Hanuman is a Hindu deity, Rama’s heavenly monkey, and a lifelong friend. Hanuman is a heroic figure in the Hindu epic Ramayana. He is a Rama devotee. He is also the son of wind God. Hanuman also played a role in Mahabharata and some other Puranas.

Hanuman Jayanti is a significant event for Hindu followers and is celebrated very grandly. The event commemorates the birth of Lord Hanuman, as the name indicates. Hanuman becomes so essential in every devoteeā€™s lives due to his characteristics even though heaven is filled with many gods and goddesses.

This is his greatness with many other characteristics. Some consider Hanuman an avatar of Lord Shiva, and his dedication and bravery aided Lord Rama in defeating Ravana in the conflict that followed Sita’s kidnapping.

There are also more attributes Hanuman is famed for that we should all strive to emulate in some way. These attributes are perseverance, pragmatism, strength, selflessness, loyalty, and humility. Let’s look at his good qualities so we can imbibe his first dedication.

He is Rama’s most significant believer to the point that his devotion is his absolute form of power against everything. The second is simplicity. He is devoid of ego or vanity.


Hanumanji is very humble, and he will never brag about his prowess. Last is calmness and decision-making. Throughout the saga, he has confronted challenges while remaining calm.

Because of his balanced intellect, he has been able to make sound judgments. He is the epitome of intelligence and physical strength. This Hanuman Jayanti accesses and uploads these advanced resolution photos to your profile.

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This page has the best Hanumanji photographs from the year 2022. With our new 2022 wallpaper collection, you may convey the sacredness of Pavanputra.


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